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  • 482nd Fighter Wing

    The 482nd Fighter Wing, Air Force Reserve Command, maintains and operates Homestead Air Reserve Base, located near the southern end of the Florida peninsula, about 25 miles south of Miami. It is a fully combat-ready unit capable of providing F-16C multi-purpose fighter aircraft, along with mission

  • Air Force Reserve Command

    The Air Force Reserve Command, with headquarters at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., became the ninth major command of the Air Force on Feb. 17, 1997, as a result of Title XII - Reserve Forces Revitalization - in Public Law 104-201, the National Defense Authorization Act of Fiscal Year 1997. Before this

  • Eagle Eyes

    In today’s world, remaining vigilant to potential threats of terrorism and violence is as important as ever and the Air Force is asking for everyone’s help in keeping Homestead Air Reserve Base safe and secure. The Air Force has long had a program called “Eagle Eyes” which enlists the eyes and ears

  • 2002 Pollution Prevention and HAZMAT Mgmt Conference Notes

    Abstract for the 2002 7th Annual Joint Services Pollution Prevention & Hazardous Waste Management Conference & Exhibition TITLE Implementation of Sustainable Operations at Homestead ARB, Florida SUMMARY Homestead ARB is applying sustainable concepts based on 1) an end state vision for the year 2020,

  • Air Force Sustainable Ops Policy Statement

    MEMORANDUM FOR SEE DISTRIBUTION 19 Dec 01 FROM: HQ USAF/ILE 1260 Air Force Pentagon Washington, DC 20330-1260 SUBJECT: Sustainable Development Policy It is Air Force policy to apply sustainable development concepts in the planning, design, construction, environmental management, operation,

  • Sustainable Operations at Homestead Air Reserve Base

    Since Hurricane Andrew’s devastation, major strides have been made in understanding the interrelationships of global and systemic environmental impacts of any operation or activity undertaken by all members of society. Out of this, sustainable practices, founded on the inseparable interrelationships