2002 Pollution Prevention and HAZMAT Mgmt Conference Notes

Abstract for the 2002 7th Annual Joint Services Pollution Prevention & Hazardous Waste Management Conference & Exhibition

Implementation of Sustainable Operations at Homestead ARB, Florida

Homestead ARB is applying sustainable concepts based on 1) an end state vision for the year 2020, 2) a baseline evaluation, and 3) understanding the gaps between the two. Projects have been identified, selected, planned and are being implemented for longterm enhancement of sustainable operations while enhancing mission preparedness.

The Air Force Reserve Command has committed to implementing sustainable
operations and selected Homestead Air Reserve Base (ARB) as the installation to lead the effort because of its unique commitment to environmental stewardship while rebuilding from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Andrew.

In 2000, it was decided to move Homestead ARB into sustainable development. By mid-2001, an end state vision of how Homestead ARB would operate in the year 2020 had been developed, along with an evaluation of existing operations (2000 baseline), and identified the gaps between the vision for the year 2020 and the baseline year. The program team developed a Sustainable Operations Plan that established goals in nine separate, but interdependent, operational categories to drive ongoing activities, future development and potential expansion within a sustainable framework.

Since mid-2001, Homestead ARB has made significant progress in identifying, planning and implementing projects to attain the goal of sustainable operations, focusing on creating an installation commitment to sustainable operations, and project implementation. Many projects have also been found to enhance mission preparedness. Initially, 121 projects were identified covering the nine operational areas, and a preliminary screening of these projects was conducted to evaluate and rank them with respect to mission/social, economic, and resource considerations, and their short-term and long-term feasibility. More detailed criteria were then applied in a second screening that resulted in selection of 24 projects for aggressive implementation. Planning for many of these projects is underway, and several have begun.

The effectiveness of these projects will be monitored to measure Homestead
ARB’s progress toward achieving the goals set for 2020. To facilitate effective monitoring, the project team developed concrete metrics, based on readily available information, to demonstrate their progress toward achieving the goals of a truly sustainable military installation.

Primary Author Name: Mrs. Kristina Garcia
Company/Organization: CH2M HILL