Four Dimensions of Wellness

The goal of the 4 Dimensions of Wellness Page is to serve as a self-help center for the Homestead Air Reserve Base workforce and community. It was designed to establish a proactive, healthy, and war-fit team by helping members to focus on their, Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual well being. This page will provide phone numbers and websites that can be used to help individuals ensure their wellness.

Four Dimensions of Wellness

Physical Wellness
-Within normal weight (positive self image)
- Balanced and healthy diet
- Exercise program 3-4 x per week (cardio and strength)
- Attention to personal appearance

Emotional Wellness
-"Positive Self-esteem"
- Happiness
- Emotions appropriate to the situation

Social Wellness
-Healthy Relationships
- Good job performance
- Sense of belonging
- Involvement in group activities
- Financial stability

Spiritual Wellness
-Not necessarily Religion based
-Sense of purpose and meaning
- Faith in a "higher order" which/who is in control
- Hope (Even if things are not going your way)

Welness Checklist

Physical Wellness
- Do you participate regularly (min 3X/week) in an aerobic activity?
- Do you get adequate and satisfying sleep, and wake up refreshed?
- Do you need to work on issues related to tobacco, alcohol, or nutrition?

Emotional Wellness
- Are you able to make decisions/complete activities with minimum stress/worry?
- Do you have healthy positive methods for dealing with stress and anxiety?
- Is there something you are looking forward to?

Social Wellness
- Do you set aside and plan time to be with your family and friends?
- Do you feel that your relationships are positive and rewarding?
- Are you involved in group activities or hobbies?

Spiritual Wellness
- Do you set aside time in your day for prayer, meditation, or personal time?
- Do you set aside time in your day for relaxation/quiet time?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, the resources listed on the right may help.