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  • Know your Rights for reemployment, USERRA

    Veterans Employment and Training Service, an agency of the Department of Labor, oversees grants for Veterans seeking employment, maintains transition assistance programs for employment, and it also runs the Compliance and Investigation Division for employment complaints, which is responsible for

  • Wellness for mission success – manage stress

    This is the second in a four-part series on how individual wellness contributes to mission success and why it’s beneficial for Reserve Citizen Airmen to preserve health, manage stress, create balance and find meaning.

  • Air Force announces change to deployments

    The Air Force announced another milestone under the chief of staff’s number two focus area: Strengthening Joint Leaders and Teams.Airmen deploying on individual taskings will now deploy in teams of three or more. This move will provide mutual support during the entire deployment continuum. This

  • Former LRS member awarded Bronze Star

    The commander of the 507th Logistics Readiness Squadron here, Maj. Damien Miller, received the Bronze Star Nov. 5 for his meritorious service in Iraq from Jan. 7 to July 8. The Bronze Star is the fourth highest individual military award, and is awarded to any person who distinguishes himself or