Would you like to learn more about environmental cleanup projects at Homestead Air Reserve Base?

  • Published
  • By Jo-An Seipp
  • 482nd Fighter Wing

What is a Restoration Advisory Board?

A Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) is a community group, which meets to discuss and receive information on environmental restoration or cleanup projects at a military base.

What does a RAB do?

A RAB facilitates and improves communication, outreach, and transparency between the military base, the public, regulators, local governments, and interest groups for issues related to military cleanup activities. RABs offer a structured, focused, and interactive opportunity for community stakeholders to meaningfully participate in the cleanup process. A RAB enables local community members to receive from and exchange information with the base and regulatory agencies managing environmental cleanup projects at Homestead Air Reserve Base.

RABs engage in and support DoD’s cleanup efforts by reviewing and commenting on cleanup documents and activities; serving as a liaison to and sharing cleanup information with the community; and providing a forum to exchange information about the schedule, type, and status of cleanup activities. RAB meetings allow RAB members and members of the community to receive updates and ask questions on the status of the environmental cleanup program at Homestead Air Reserve Base.

Though RABs are not a decision-making body, they do give local community members the opportunity to have their voices heard and provide a forum for valuable community insight to the base and regulatory agencies.

Are you interested in participating in Homestead Air Reserve Base’s RAB?

Homestead Air Reserve Base is currently assessing whether there is enough community interest to establish a RAB. If you are interested in learning more about HARB’s environmental restoration projects and having the opportunity to give your input to base and regulatory agencies on the management of cleanup projects at Homestead Air Reserve Base, either as a RAB member or by attending RAB meetings, please contact Jo-An Seipp, 786-415-7494, Joan.Seipp.1@us.af.mil by May 15 to indicate interest.