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Effective Immediately:  ALL DOD students attending the SNCOA for class 22D and beyond, must posses a current copy of their Security Clearance status, this paperwork will be turned into the faculty on the first day of education.  A Security Clearance Memorandum Letter can be obtained by the Unit Security Manager prior to departing home station.  Refer questions to the Student Admin office at the org box:

The Schoolhouse cannot provide information related to DTS (Lines of Accounting, Cross Orgs, etc...) as we do not have that information.  Please reach out to your Base/Formal Training Office for assistance. 

As of 15 December masks are MANDATORY regardless of vaccination status.  Members will be required to show proof of vaccination or approved exemption on DOE1, anyone who does not provide proof will be treated as unvaccinated and possibly returned to assigned unit. 

Arrival Assistance:
You are responsible for getting from the airport to lodging, below are two taxi companies that have base access and are open 24/ can schedule an airport pickup before departing home.
Checker-Deluxe Cab Company
Home (

On Time Taxi
On Time Taxi - Taxi Service in Montgomery AL

If you decide to use Uber or Lyft it is recommended you confirm when booking the pickup that your driver has base access since not all drivers do. 

If you are driving you can put the following into your GPS, Waze or Apple Maps and it will bring you to the main gate...there will be signs from there directing you to lodging.
- Maxwell Air Force Base Gunter Annex
- Maxwell-Gunter AFB - Annex

- Montgomery Humane Society (will keep it from bringing you to the back gate which is closed) the main gate is across the street

Day of Education 1:
Class begins at 0730 in Bldg 1143 Kisling Hall (next to lodging), it is recommended you arrive 15 mins early
 - If you do not know which flight you are assigned there will be Cadre at the entrance to let you know
 - Uniform for DOE1 is OCPs or Service equivalent 

Pre-Class Preparations:
Information contained within this section is designed to assist students with preparation for attendance to the Air Force Senior NCO Academy (AFSNCOA).

- Read the commandant's welcome.

- Read the AFSNCOA Orientation article.

- Students do not need to call the University Inn for lodging reservations. Rooms will be blocked off for AFSNCOA students. Upon arrival, students should check-in at the University Inn lodging desk for room assignment.

- Uniforms: You are no longer required to bring a dress uniform (Everyone is encouraged to bring an additional set of OCPs/ACUs/Type IIIs/Utilities that you don't mind getting dirty for Combined Ops and consider a second set of athletic shoes for PT on running/ground days)
Air Force
OCPs (first day of class)
PTU (complete set), optional flight PT shirt purchased at the academy

ACU/IHWCU-OCP (first day of class)
APFU (complete set), optional flight PT shirt purchased at the academy

Type III’s (first day of class)
PTU (No CPO), optional flight PT shirt purchased at the academy

Combat Utility (first day of class)
PTU, optional flight PT shirt purchased at the academy

Trops (First day of class)
CG PT gear, optional flight PT shirt purchased at the academy

- Fitness Assessment:

Bring your current official fitness assessment sheet (must not expire during AFSNCOA class).

- Physical and Duty Profiles, Limitations, or Restrictions:

Contact your base formal training office if you have a profile, limitation, or restriction.  All medical profiles must be pre-coordinated with the AFSNCOA NLT 35 days prior to the class start date.  Upon arrival all coordinated medical profiles must be given to Flight Instructors by 0730 on DOE 1.

*Students with fitness assessments that expire during class, uncoordinated profiles, or uncoordinated changes to their profiles are subject to immediate release from school.

- Information Assurance (IA) Training:

Your IA Training MUST remain current throughout the entire course.  If your IA Training expires, you will not have access to the AFNET Domain. 

- Leadership Contact Information:

Bring your chain of command contact information:  Commander, First Sergeant (name, duty phone number, email address) with you.  Provide current information to your Flight Instructor upon arrival.

- Sister-Service Only:

You must first create an Air Force Portal account, and then an Air University (AU) Portal account as soon as you are notified of class selection. This allows us to integrate you into our learning management system, Canvas.

•   Using a CAC enabled computer on NIPR, go to, click ‘Register for a

new AF Portal Account w/ your CAC’ and run through account creation.

•   After you have an AF Portal account established, go to and create an account there.

•   Hover over ‘My Info’ and update your email in ‘Contact Info’ (two spots to enter it here), as

well as under ‘Canvas Info’. Use the same email for all three of these, and make sure it is one you have immediate access to, preferably a civilian email address.

•   You must use a CAC enabled device over NIPR or government VPN. Contact Student Admin if you are having difficulties at 334-201-2400.

- Computer, Laptop Requirements:

Students should bring a personal laptop/tablet or a government laptop computer from their home unit. We recommend you bring a personal laptop. Course materials will be provided via our online learning management system (Canvas). Canvas will be accessible to students on the first day of class. Your instructor will provide guidance on Canvas requirements and show you how to navigate the system. *** Students do not need to do anything with Canvas prior to arriving for class.  AU Canvas is a standalone system that does not interface with your university Canvas ***. Adobe Reader, or equivalent, will provide the ability to highlight and insert notes/comments. To alleviate the majority of issues with Canvas, ensure the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, and Java are installed on the laptop. If bringing a personal laptop, ensure you have installed DoD Root Certificates (Windows / Mac). You will be required to write essay style papers at the AFSNCOA. Ensure you have access to a keyboard if using a tablet. The AFSNCOA has a very limited number of laptops that can be loaned to students who are unable to bring a personal or government laptop.