HARB elevated to HPCON Charlie

  • Published
  • By 482nd Fighter Wing Commander


We continue to assess the conditions around the state and our local communities.  As you may be aware, the state of Florida and our local cities of Homestead, Cutler Bay and Florida City have all declared a public health emergency.  With Miami-Dade and Broward counties containing the majority of COVID-19 cases in the state, it is prudent that we must do more to protect ourselves and our families, our fellow Airmen, and all members who work on Homestead ARB. 

As of 1200L today, I am implementing HPCON Charlie measures as well as declaring a public health emergency on the installation to keep us in lock step with our community partners.  HPCON Charlie indicates substantial risk and widespread community transmission.  These are the big changes:

  • Mission essential only allowed on the installation.  There will be exceptions, please work with your supervisors on those case-by-case issues
  • Minimize travel around the installation when on base
  • We will increase frequency and areas of cleaning and sanitizing
  • Minimize in-person meetings and gatherings, increase social distancing

Here are the facts as I know it.  There are still zero confirmed positive cases on base.  We have dozens of members (airmen, dependents, joint partners, contractors, civilians) who have self-quarantined based on potential exposure to the virus as well as several members awaiting test results.  If positive cases are confirmed, supervisors will be notified and the appropriate actions taken to continue caring for our airmen who may have been exposed.

My priorities remain unchanged.  We will continue to implement measures to protect our airmen and their families while balancing mission requirements from all partners on base.  You’ll still see the FANG, SOCSOUTH, CBP and the 482nd FW continue flying missions in support of DOD and DHS National Objectives.  We are working in close partnership with state and local officials to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus on base and within the community.  During this challenging time, I ask you to do your part to protect our fellow service members, our families and our communities.  Thanks for continuing to be the World’s Greatest Fighter Wing.

Brig. Gen. Piff

Commander, 482nd Fighter Wing