April UTA rescheduled

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  • By 482nd Fighter Wing Commander


I wanted to pass another update concerning Homestead ARB and the impacts of COVID-19. The installation is still in Health Protection Condition (HPCON) Bravo and there are currently no confirmed COVID-19 cases at Homestead ARB. Thanks to your professionalism and dedication, we continue to execute our mission in preparation for our upcoming deployments.

To support my first priority, taking care of our service members and our families, we are rescheduling the 3-4-5 April UTA to 10-11-12 July. 

Below are some questions and answers that we anticipate from the field, please read through them to see if we have answered your question. If your particular situation is not captured below, please reach out to your supervisor, First Sergeant or other leadership to get the answers you need.

  • Q: Will the exercise also be rescheduled to July?

A: The current plan is to reschedule our Readiness Exercise to the July UTA, making the July UTA three days (10-12 July). This will enable us to meet our requirements as we prepare our Airmen to leave for our Agile Combat Support deployment.

  • Q: I have made family plans for the summer because we weren’t having a UTA, what do I do?

A: We understand that many of our Airmen make summer plans with their families based on our UTA schedule. In the cases where arrangements cannot be adjusted, please work with your supervisor and leadership on a plan to accomplish the rescheduled UTA.

  • Q: My R&R date is in April, am I going to get a bad year?

A: It is important to remember that a total of 50 points is required for a Satisfactory year. Our MPS is running a report to identify our Airmen who’s R&R is in April and that could have possible participation issues. The NAF/CC is the waiver authority for conducting more than 16 periods in a quarter and other R&R related challenges. Once we identify these Airmen, we will up channel to the NAF.

  • Q: My ETS is in April, how will I avoid a break in service?

A: Guidance for members that ETS during the DoD Stop Movement was released by AFRC this week and has been sent out by the Wing Career Assistance Advisor. They have been authorized to complete a 2 month extension for members in this situation, allowing for reenlistment after the Stop Movement.

  • Q: I have been laid off/let go/reduced hours, I was really counting on the April UTA to help me financially. What do I do now?

A: During this time of uncertainty across our great nation we understand many employers are taking measures to help “flatten the curve” of the spread of COVID-19. If you are running into financial burdens please contact your supervisor, First Sergeant or other leadership.  My priority continues to be to take of you, our most valuable asset.

  • Q: I am going non-current on X, Y or Z, how is this going to impact me/my career?

A: Local currencies, TFAT and other required training will be given grace periods.

  • Q: I know that teleworking/telecommuting has been authorized for members at Homestead. If I am outside of the travel distance, can I telework my UTA?

A: If you have the means to telework, yes. Please coordinate through your supervisor and Commander for the appropriate authorization and expectations.

Thank you for your continued leadership, flexibility and resolve as we face this ever-evolving global threat. I will continue to update you with current and relevant information.

Brig Gen Piff

Commander, 482nd Fighter Wing