Share your adventure

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Michael Farrar
  • 403rd Wing Public Affairs
Many Air Force reservists chat about their duty weekends with others, but that talk can be part of the Get 1 Now program to keep the Air Force Reserve strong by reaching new potential recruits.

“Get1Now” encourages Reserve Airmen to refer people they think would be a good Airman in the Reserve, in a peer-to-peer referral program.

Senior Master Sgt. Dominque Hogan, 403rd Wing Recruiting flight chief, said she is a big fan of the program.

“It multiplies our efforts because Airmen can tell their story which allows people to really understand what the Air Force Reserve is about,” Hogan said. “Who knows better how to qualify for Air Force Reserve opportunities than an Air Force reservist?”

The “Get1Now” program also has gift-worthy awards for reservists who refer people who are qualified leads to an Air Force Reserve recruiter. Some of the awards include Bluetooth headsets, fleece jackets, coolers, tumblers, tablet cases, laptop sleeves and more.

As soon as a recruiter determines the person referred by the Airman is a qualified lead for potential service, the Airman can go to to pick their award.

Another fan of the program is Senior Master Sgt. Paul Martin, 403rd Wing superintendent for the inspector general. He has earned three referral awards.

“One person I brought into the Air Force Reserve was working part time at a store while going to school and she was struggling,” Martin said. He said he noticed the dedication this woman had at her retail job.

“I told her, ‘You’re a hard worker. You can put that hard work in the military part time, increase your opportunities for going to school and avoid going into student debt,’” Martin said.

He referred the woman to a recruiter through the Get1Now program. He also recommended two other people who became qualified recruiting leads.

While the awards are nice, Martin says the real reward of the program for him is watching how joining the Air Force Reserve can transform someone’s life.

As a recruiting professional, Hogan has seen it change many lives through valuable educational incentives, high quality health insurance and many other benefits.

“But it’s important for Airmen to share the adventure of their service and consider the people they meet or already know who could add their talents, skills and dedication to the Air Force Reserve,” she said.

For some, the first obstacle is realizing how the Air Force Reserve can fit into a person’s life goal, which can include those who have previously served in any branch of the military.

“Someone may have never even thought about the Air Force Reserve,” Hogan said. “Most people want to help people, but not everybody knows about the Air Force Reserve.”

She encourages all Reserve Citizen Airmen to download the “Get1Now/Share Your Adventure App” for Apple or Android phones, which can be accessed at, to submit leads while on the go.